A description of the increasing damage of radon in the environment and in the human body

These estimations are strongly dependent on the model retained. Department of Health and Human Services, and U. Most occupational and residential studies of cancer end points mainly lung cancer include uncertain estimations of historical exposure levels for radon and radon progenyand occupational studies are limited by confounding exposure to other substances including known human carcinogens.

Indoor radon concentration is usually assumed to follow a lognormal distribution on a given territory. The Stealth Effect According the U. That makes it especially difficult to estimate radon risks for nonsmokers in homes using the evidence from miners.

Because radon has a similar pressure and temperature curve as propane, and oil refineries separate petrochemicals based on their boiling points, the piping carrying freshly separated propane in oil refineries can become partially radioactive due to radon decay particles.

Radon and its first decay products being very short-lived, the seed is left in place. The highest exposure groups in those studies tended to receive most of their dose before adequate ventilation was established to reduce mine air dust.

The study paid close attention to the cohort's levels of smoking, occupational exposure to carcinogens and education attainment. Measurements in WLM can be made using special equipment that measures the total alpha emission of short-lived radon progeny.

If you are a former smoker, your risk might be lower. It takes into account age, elapsed time since exposure, and duration and length of exposure, and its parameters allow for taking smoking habits into account.

Sean Fox, Carleton College Reuse: The isotopes of radon encountered in nature Rn, Rn, and Rn are part of long decay chains starting with isotopes of uranium U or thorium Thmore precisely U, Th, and U, respectively, and ending with stable lead Pb.

Health effects of radon

However, until recently, studies of mining cohorts did not address confounding by silica exposure since crystalline silica was not recognized as a known human carcinogen before most of these studies were published. Therefore, the radon progeny of primary toxicity concern are Po and Po due to the rapid decay of these alpha emitters, especially when part of the attached fraction.

Epidemiology studies of domestic exposures[ edit ] A controversial epidemiological study, unexpectedly showing decreased cancer risk vs. To learn more about the position and instructions to apply, visit this website. Of the deaths that the committee attributes to radon both independently and through joint action with smokingperhaps one-third could be avoided by reducing radon in homes where it is above the "action guideline level" of Bqm-3 4 pCiL-1 to below the action levels recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The cases reported in these miners cannot be attributed solely to radon or radon daughters but may be due to exposure to silica, to other mine pollutants, to smoking, or to other causes.

The Health Effects of Exposure to Indoor Radon

The health hazard from radon does not come primarily from radon itself, but rather from the radioactive products formed in the decay of radon. The risk of lung cancer caused by smoking is much higher than the risk of lung cancer caused by indoor radon.

As the low-dose response is unclear, the choice of a model is very controversial. As a result, they also identified major ways to create change: Lastly, ecological studies may be used where the global environment variables and their global effect on two different populations are compared.

These results are consistent across the various individual studies of mining cohorts and with analyses of pooled data from multiple cohorts. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. Such studies are efficient, but very costly[ clarification needed ] when the population needs to be a large one.

For exposure standards to be effective, they should be set for those most susceptible. The risk of lung cancer caused by smoking is much higher than the risk of lung cancer caused by indoor radon.

The study design for epidemiological methods may be of three kinds:What are the Potential Health Effects from Exposure to Increased Radon Levels? Course: CB/WB CE Original Date you will be able to Describe the primary adverse health effects from exposure to increased radon levels.

Introduction: At levels normally encountered in the environment, radon exposure causes no acute or subacute health. Monitoring in the Environment. Measurement.

Measurement Methods an increase in the number of radiation particles that pass through the human body correlates to an increase in the chance of developing cancer.

smokers. Radon in homes causes 11% of lung cancer deaths among ever-smokers, but 23% among never-smokers. Therefore. The Effects of Radon Gas on Humans. by WALT PICKUT June 13, radon is what chemists call a "noble gas." It is chemically inert, entering into no known biochemical process in the human body.

Radioactivity, however, is not a chemical process, but a process controlled by physics. Radiation damage is cumulative. Lung Cancer.

Radon Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive element that can be found in soil, underground water, and outdoor air. Some of the properties of this gas include being odorless, tasteless, and colorless. The concentrations vary throughout the country depending on the types of rocks that ar.

The above account demonstrates the wide range of effects that the environment may have on human health, but it is very far from exhaustive and for the sake of conciseness many hazards or their effects have not been mentioned. They confirm the radon health risks predicted by occupational studies of underground miners who breathed radon for a period of years.

Early in the debate about radon-related risks, some researchers questioned whether occupational studies could be used to calculate risks from exposure to radon in the home environment.

A description of the increasing damage of radon in the environment and in the human body
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