A recommendation of the use of mobile crowdsensing to the address the issue of traffic congestion in

Small inexpensive transponders, already in use in millions of vehicles to pay tolls, enable each motorist to be charged a different fee to use each segment of road at a particular time of day. Using history as a guide, it would seem that we have the technical means at hand with which to finally solve the congestion problem.

A balancing act "A major problem for researchers is balancing data and privacy," explains Braun. Those reasons, however, do not include potential reductions in congestion. If vehicular mobility is adopted, the sensing capabilities can be further increased by connecting smart devices to vehicles using the On Board Diagnostic Interface OBD-II or provided directly by smart vehicles through vehicle-to-vehicle V2V or vehicle-to-infrastructure V2I communications.

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There is one factor, however, with the potential to change the course that we are on: Despite the exasperation that traffic congestion causes, most people know surprisingly little about it or what can be done about it, and much of what is stated in the media is oversimplification.

Tapping into that processing power would improve the real-time collection and analysis of data, but technical hurdles and privacy concerns linger. National Academy Press, This project is investigating game theory models for distributing such burdens among phones and users.

In some cities, these data are being used to optimize the timing of traffic signals in order to maximize flows on segments of street networks. The more successful of these have indeed reduced or eliminated congestion in some ways and for some time, but eventually cities have grown and readjusted to create a new equilibrium that includes new and perhaps different patterns of congestion.

Presumably, a diversity of personality types and differences in our attitudes based on the time of day at which we travel and the purposes of our trips mean that it is difficult to generalize.

Fighting Traffic Congestion with Information Technology

They may misreport their costs to improve their utilities. Residents of the San Francisco Bay area recently rated urban traffic congestion as the single most important problem affecting their quality of life, even more important than public education or crime.

In the face of this evidence that typical travel time is hardly growing, it is probably our concern with the variance or reliability of travel time that explains our growing concern about traffic congestion.

When overall congestion becomes worse, however, it generally does not become more intense at locations that are already heavily congested; rather, it spreads over longer periods each day and to additional locations. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Altogether, the potential for generating and analyzing huge amounts of data is remarkable, being able to provide unprecedented information with high levels of spatial and time resolution about any event of interest occurring in a city. The main focus of the project is crowdsensing, in which access to a smartphone's sensors makes it possible to collect information about a particular area.

The system works mentioned above effectively tackle the technical matters.

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Traffic congestion becomes less pronounced during recessions, and stagnant rust belt cities would willingly trade high unemployment rates and vacant industrial tracts for some troublesome traffic congestion.

For most of us the answer would be no, so the wage rate may be a meaningless way to value congestion. At first, only the rich could move away from the center, but gradually fares fell in relation to incomes, and more and more people could commute to work.

Concerning the latter, novel paradigms have recently emerged, as is the case of the floating data paradigm which aims at enabling a floating data network in a distributed and collision-free way. We may not be willing to pay anything to save 10 minutes per day but willingly pay to save minutes, so the value of time may be quite nonlinear, complicating the situation greatly.

Second, there already appeared many mobile crowdsensing systems.

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Thus, they could act as intermediaries between the mobile sensing platform and a great number of users. At the same time, the major force influencing the world economy in recent years has been information technology IT.Traffic congestion is an important problem faced by Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), requiring models that allow predicting the impact of different solutions on urban traffic flow.

Such an approach typically requires the use of simulations, which should be as realistic as possible. Smarter use of mobile data.

Mobile Crowd Sensing for Traffic Prediction in Internet of Vehicles

12/Jun/ A typical example are map applications which can infer traffic congestion data from the smartphones' accelerometers.

As our connected devices gather insights about many facets of our environment – motion, sound, people, air quality, etc. – crowdsensing has the potential to guide decisions on where. Infrastructure crowdsensing is used for measuring the public infrastructure (e.g., traffic congestion and road conditions).

The social crowdsensing is used for measuring data about the social life of individuals (e.g., the cinemas visited by an individual). Table 1 shows the typology of crowdsensing. Scientists from SwissSenseSynergy, a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), have addressed issues and proposed new ways to collect and use such information.

The main focus of the project is crowdsensing, in which access to a smartphone's sensors makes it possible to collect information about a particular area. Thus, mobile crowdsensing has received extensive attentions from both industry and academia.

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

Recently, plenty of mobile crowdsensing applications come forth, such as indoor positioning, environment monitoring, and transportation. air pollution monitoring system, traffic congestion monitoring [5, 6], parking lots and thus the quality of.

New York State Department of Transportation coordinates operation of transportation facilities and services including highway, bridges, railroad, mass transit, port, waterway and aviation facilities.

A recommendation of the use of mobile crowdsensing to the address the issue of traffic congestion in
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